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What I’m Eating for Christmas This Year!

Hello beauties! It’s my FAVOURITE time of the year! And with my favourite time, comes my favourite thing ever, FOOD! I thought I would share with you what I’m eating this year, and it’s making me super duper keen! 

Christmas Morning, 2017

This year Christmas is a little different as I’ll be on the road and away from my family. Brad and I have decided to just spend it at the beach and enjoy it on our own as much as we can, because it will probably be the only year we don’t have to ‘fuss’. Not that I find myself fussing really, because I just LOOOOVE to cook and share my vegan Christmas creations with everyone! 

Usually we have breakfast with my side of the family, which includes mums homemade baked beans, homemade sourdough, roast tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, waffles, chia puddings, and the list goes on. Then we have a late lunch with Brad’s side of the family with all your traditional stuff. 

This is my first year being intolerant to Gluten. Man, last year I ate so many dinner rolls I felt like I could have died. I stopped eating Gluten shortly into the new year. Oh the heartbreak. Just give me a bloody dinner roll and some vegan butter. Ugh.

Anyway…. I want to keep it quite simple this year, kinda healthy, but I also want to have some Christmas treats! We have no decorations so I’m trying to have the Christmas spirit come out with my food. Oh, also, all we have to cook is a stove so no oven to bake cookies or brownies or anything fun. *Sad face*.


Firstly, I’m going to make is a loaded summer salad, full of yummy greens, crispy chickpeas, mango, cucumber and some other veggies. I don’t like it all raw, so I’ll add in some chargrilled veggies too such as capsicum and cauliflower.

Then I’ll be making some vegan stuffing balls! Now, this is a recipe I have made for three years now, and I love it so I’ll keep coming back! They’ve got the Christmas spirit and I can’t even tell they are Gluten Free! You can find the recipe here.

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I’ll be buying, not making unfortunately, some delicious vegan cheese! I’ve been told I’m intolerant to Cashews but I refuse to accept it. I’m not sure what kind yet, but something like a cashew cheese spread, or maybe even almond or macadamia feta. We’ll see what Coffs Harbour has to offer me. Aaaaand I’ll be eating these with the best chips everrrrrr. These purple sweet potato chips literally taste amazing. The perfect amount of salt and garlic and rosemary. I figured they’d go well with cheese, and they’re colourful, just like Christmas should be!


Ok and we can’t really have Christmas without some kind of dessert, can we? I’m going to be making some delicious chocolate truffles I found on painters, except with a switch! We’ll see what I come up with. I’m renowned for making delicious food and then never remembering how to do it again. The basic recipe I’ll base it off though is from Gina B Nutrition. You can get the recipe here.

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Sooo in conclusion, I’ll be having my super duper feast of:
Delicious Summer Salad
Cranberry Stuffing Balls
Vegan Cheese & Vege Chips
Chocolate Truffle Balls

I’m super excited and I’ll definitely be posting on Instagram a photo of my smorgasbord so make sure you are following me! .

Merry Christmas Beautiful! Make sure you tell me what vegan or gluten free goodies you’ll be having for Christmas this year in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

Alannah Jayde xx

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