STOP exercising with a negative mindset.

How many times have you eaten something and said to yourself ‘I’m going to have to work that off’ or ‘Now I’m going to skip breakfast/lunch/dinner’ or something along the lines of that?

How many times have you gone to the gym/for a run or whatever exercise you do to:

  1. Burn off a meal?
  2. Punish yourself?
  3. Because you’re not happy with how you look?
  4. All of the above plus more?

You should NOT exercise to punish yourself. I feel like if we go into our exercise with a negative state of mind in the fact that we need to do better, look better, burn off a meal etc. then it completely defeats the purpose of such exercise.

What you focus on, grows. It’s as simple as that. When we focus on the parts that we dislike, or on the one too many slices of pizza we had for dinner last night then we aren’t going to come out feeling better and just dwell on that negative mindset we set out with.

Girl I’m not blaming you AT ALL if you do this. I use to as well. But trust me, once you start exercising to FEEL good, your whole world is going to change.

You’re probably thinking where the heck do I start? How do I exercise with a positive mindset? First of all you need to think about what type of exercise you are doing. Most people like to workout in the gym, so let’s focus on that. I know a lot of people go in guns blazing on pre-workout with their doof doof music which is upbeat and motivates them. They work hard, pull muscles, are sore the next day and do it over and over again.

Let’s start by taking out the pre-workout. Girl you have got NO idea of what’s in there. The best pre-workout is a simple long black coffee! It’s natural, has no crazy chemical additives and it’s really as much blood pumping good stuff your body really needs. I’ll never forget the time I was 19 and took a new pre-workout. I couldn’t walk, talk, stand or even drive home from the gym. It hit me hard and I’ve never touched the stuff again since. Lucky they had a couch I just lied down and waited for it to die off. I’ve also had clients sit down for a fitness-appraisal, only to check their blood pressure and LITERALLY want to call an ambulance because it’s so high on the scale I was worried. (We had to wait 10 minutes and do it again, and it came back a more normal reading.) Absolutely ridiculous that that cr*p can even be put on the market. So swap your pre-workout for a long black!

Next, I’m going to be the one to tell you that the best thing you can do is to not listen to your music. It’s best to go in a ‘zen’ state. Calm, relaxed and ready to listen to your body. Unfortunately when you’re headphones are blazing you can’t actually focus on the muscles that you are using. How will you know if you’ve pushed yourself too far? How do you know how far you can actually push yourself if you can’t focus on your body. So take the earphones out, put some lighter music on in the background or just listen to the gym music, and go in with the intention of listening to your body.

Ok now we’re onto overworking ourselves. Do you go to the gym every weekday and lift weights and run on the treadmill or do high intensity classes? Because you should probably balance that out. I honestly don’t believe we need to be in the gym all day everyday to achieve results. Every second day is absolutely perfect, if gives our bodies enough time to rest and recover and lessens our chances of over-working and over-stressing our bodies. But sure as hell it’s epic to MOVE on those “off-days”. The best things to do are some yoga, go for a walk, a bike ride or just try and getting your 10,000 steps by incidental activity. Keep moving, but choose a calmer choice. Come from a place of LOVE!

Now I’m going to get all mushy and tell you that the BEST way to exercise with a positive mindset is to learn to love yourself! It’s so important to love and accept yourself just the way you are. When you can be happy with who you are now, it makes it so much easier to exercise to FEEL better instead of punishing yourself or not liking how you look in the mirror. Remember what I said, what you focus on, grows. So if you’re in a state of calm, and love for yourself then when you choose to exercise it will be to feel a lot MORE love and calmness and happiness. 

Ahh how exciting! I’m soooo excited for you all to start exercising from a place of LOOOOOVE. You are all beautiful and have such bright futures ahead of you, that I would hate for you to waste precious time worrying about things that don’t really matter. Eat the damn cake, and exercise for your happiness, because life is wayyyyy too short not to!

And if you’re wanting to learn more about how you can learn to love yourself, check out this post here where I have interviewed a beautiful girlfriend of mine who has been on an EPIC journey of self love. I think she is the queen of this topic and I know you can learn a lot from her, just like I have.

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