18 Things I Have Learned in 2018

It’s the time of year for reflection. I’ve been a lot of places and I’ve done a lot of things this year. We’ve had literally HIGHLIGHTS of our lives travelling around Australia, and also some pretty shit times too. So I thought I would share with you 18 things I’ve learned in 2018 because I’m sure some of my highs, and some of my mistakes and downfalls can teach you a few things to take into 2019. In 2018 I’ve seen a lot less hate in the world and I’m seeing a lot more love. In all areas, not just relationships etc. So here we have it, I’ll stop talking now because it’s a long list. Here me out, girl!

1.When making a purchase, choose QUALITY!

2. I learnt about the 5 love languages and how this can improve your relationship for the better. Brad and I listened to the audiobook by Gary Chapman, and even though we had done the quiz before it just wasn’t the same until we had listened to the book. It was great to hear real life examples of how the love languages work and we have since put them into practice and are getting better and better each day. It’s not easy when we are TOTAL opposites, however I think this is so important and a book that EVERYONE should read.

Girl and boy in love on beach smiling at each other
Boambee 4WD Beach, Coffs Harbour NSW.

3. If we just quit our jobs everything will be okay. For so long we have wanted to just quit our jobs and travel, though it’s fricken scary. But eventually we did it, and we survived, and we haven’t run out of money. 

4. Don’t run yourself into the ground just for money. Before we left, my health was shocking. When I’m stressed I put on weight and when I put on weight I feel like utter sh*t. I ran myself into the ground so much that I passed out one morning at work with no answers from the doctor. The only thing I could put it down to was stress. We had told our bosses we were leaving in a month, and we were trying to earn as much money to add to our savings as possible. It wasn’t worth it just for a few extra dollars and I’ll never do it again.

5. You DON’T need all of that stuff! Packing up our entire lives into our CAR was just pure fricken crazy. “One bag for my clothes? That’s all you’re letting me bring? Are you SURE?” I thought I was going to die. I chose my favourite op-shop outfits, bought some new, quality staple pieces and donated anything that didn’t serve me. We left a wardrobe full of “stuff” at home and off we went. We’re 7 months in and still culling because we have learnt what we need to survive and we don’t need a lot of stuff to keep us going.

Girl and boy in bungle bungles purnululu national park smiling standing in front of car
Bungle Bungles NP WA.

6. How to be water wise! Okay a lot of my learned things are going to be about travelling. But still, we’ve had to be so wary of how much water we can use, where we can get more and when etc. and I’ve learned not to take fresh water from a tap for granted, especially if it’s HOT! I’ve also learned how much water we were using at home, and when I can now wash my hair and body with only half a bucket of water, I know I can shorten my showers once I’m home.

7. My poor body can’t handle a lot of things, and I’ve had to break up with gluten. I’ve learned to listen to my body more, and will no longer be putting in heavily processed foods as it causes my body way more harm than just making me bloated. I did an intolerance test and it’s been life changing!

8. Who my real friends are! No longer do I have the time or energy for people who aren’t going to a) love me as much as I love them and b) suck the life out of people with their negativity. Bye Felicia!

girl laying on beach smiling
Emerald Beach NSW.

9. I can’t and shouldn’t do everything myself. It’s okay to delegate those tasks that make you miserable or take up your precious time.

10. My heart CAN get bigger! My beautiful little niece Indiana has shown me that actually I can love more and more and more. Every time I am sent a video of her my heart explodes just that little bit more! Children have a way of allowing us to realise just how much love we have inside of us.

girl holding baby
I flew from Brisbane to Perth to Surprise Indiana and my family for her 1st Birthday!

11. It’s okay to have NO PLANS! Sometimes you need to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. I’ve always been a serial planner, hour by hour planning, endless to-do lists and if you’re going on holiday with me LET ME TAKE THE REIGNS PLEASE! I was a plan every moment of every day kinda gal and while I still have that side of me, I’m absolutely loving ‘living in the moment’ more. I am more present, at peace, and find myself having more fun all the time.

12. Try to learn something new every day! I absolutely love listening to podcasts, especially Melissa Ambrosini, and I love my audible subscription! I have listened to so many podcasts and books this past year and am constantly learning new things. I’ve learned mostly about health topics and find myself happier and healthier putting into practice the new things I am learning. It’s so interesting to listen to professionals talk about the thing that they love most, and remember, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

13. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE NOTIFICATIONS! ALL OF THEM! I heard Melissa Ambrosini talk about this in one of her podcasts and thought, heck yeah lets try it. Life. Changing. I’m telling you. Do it and do it now before you read the next one. Those little dings are a huuuuge stressor and another way to stop wasting your precious time aimlessly scrolling through instagram.

14. Meditation can be such a powerful tool to get back to your centre. I find that daily meditation not only keeps you calm and centred throughout the day, but also in times of stress, anxiety, anger or frustration then it can be used to calm down too. I use a guided meditation app called Calm, which I paid $60 for a year’s subscription and it even has ‘emergency’ sessions for those stressful times. I find guided meditation the easiest and it even has “white noise” options, my favourite is Thunderstorm.

girl meditating on beach sunrise
Gambanan, Cape Leveque WA.

 15. You don’t need to have a gym membership to exercise. While exercising hasn’t been a priority for the last 12 months, it doesn’t mean I haven’t done it. I’ve made the conscious effort to choose hiking and walking as my primary exercise source. In addition, I’ve also done yoga, or just simple stretching, a few workouts here and there, however the main thing is to listen to your body and do something that you like. I really love to hike, mostly because there’s a waterfall to swim in at the end of it!

16. Have fun! And if you’re not having fun, make it fun! When did we ‘grow up’ and stop making fun in our everyday lives? I’ve not laughed as much as I’ve laughed this year ever! Why be grumpy when you can just laugh for days, right? Be yourself, be silly & incorporate more FUN into your lives. You’ll probably see me in public on a swing?

17. Life’s too short to sit down and NOT follow your dreams. Don’t let your life get ahead of you and forget about the things you really want to do. Think about what lights you up. What do you have a deep, burning desire to do? Find a coach, get out there and DO IT GIRL! Seriously! And if you don’t know where to start, hit me up, because even if I can’t help you, I can put you in contact with some coaches who are MAGIC.

girl walking along beach sunset
Emerald Beach, NSW.

18. STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. Everyone has their own journey. Don’t worry about anyone else, just be yourself and focus on what you want in life. There’s no need for jealousy or hate. There’s no need to worry what others think of you. Don’t cause drama. Just be unapologetically YOU.

I hope you can learn something here babe, and incorporate some of these into your own life in 2019! Happy New Year, beautiful!

Lots of Love,

Alannah Jayde xx

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